I'm sorry, I should care about your feelings
Until I read this letter, I realized ...


To my dear:

This is love.

When I am no longer on your roar.

I tired of your temper, interference you this, to interfere in your time.

Are you in my mind when I began to silence has lost the indispensable status.


Even though I still love you, but some things really have changed.

Entanglement, the seemingly annoying is the most happy.


Previously, others entangled me.

I prefer to call into the audio that continue to play their own.

Until one day no longer have numerous calls and information.

I know. The others has given up.


Then I started to feel the emptiness and regret.


Now, I just as others love me for my lover.

This requires, that interfere with this interference and that

We are all entangled and entangled


Too much .. the language is no longer the expression of not coming


Please cherish my temper, I, cherish you nagging me


Because this world, in addition to parents...

No one will bother you so much

Do not let you from my heart to become a dispensable

This is just ....


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Where is my happiness??.ܤ

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